Ways BYOD Can Transform Any Transport Journey

Whether your customers are travelling via plane or train, promoting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture can transform their journeys. From the way they experience entertainment on the move to the ability to manage their workflow, here's how BYOD can enhance their experience.

Journeys are no longer boring for them, and entertainment is low-cost for you

Extended journeys have the power to induce boredom, but only when those travelling with you have nothing to distract them. When you encourage customers to bring electronic devices along for the ride, they can use your onboard WiFi to entertain themselves. It's vital that you ensure the WiFi supports their activities, though. Customers may want to use popular video streaming websites. However, if this proves too much for your business in terms of bandwidth, you can also offer your own limited video streaming service with the use of free Internet.

Staying in touch via social media becomes easy

One low bandwidth activity that many customers will love is browsing through social media. In addition to allowing them to stay up-to-date with current events, it's an excellent means of staying in touch with friends and family. The ability to do so when they're unable to access their usual 4G signal via their portable electronic device can make your organisation stand out against your competitors. According to Social Media News, around 15 million Australians use Facebook. This figure shows how popular accessible social media can be, 

Working while commuting becomes a possibility

When using a long commute that moves through low-to-no signal areas, being unable to work may give customers a sense of frustration. When you promote a BYOD culture, they can choose to step away from the entertainment aspects and keep up-to-date with what's happening in their office instead. Everyday work activities use little bandwidth compared to video streaming and downloading music, especially when users only need to send emails and update documents. When they can use the Internet while onboard for research and free-flowing communication, they may choose to use your company over those that don't offer onboard WiFi.

To make your BYOD culture a success, access to onboard WiFi is crucial. Not all portable electronic devices possess usable 4G services. In addition to providing the entertainment options above, you may want to consider a selection of music, information about your company's upcoming products and the latest e-reader releases. When there's plenty of variety, your customers won't have the chance to get bored when travelling with you.