Entertainment Options When Planning a Wedding

Entertainment is one of the critical considerations when planning a wedding. Good entertainment ensures that your guests are jovial throughout the ceremony. Most wedding hire companies have entertainment packages tailored to meet their client's demands. Below are a few tips to guide you when choosing an entertainment package.

Sound equipment

A good sound system ensures that your guests can hear what the various speakers have to say. Preferably, test the system on the eve of the wedding day. It should give an excellent balance of bass, mid-range and treble sounds. If you are planning an outdoor event, the equipment should have high wattage. While wired microphones reduce sound interference, wireless microphones give your guest speakers freedom of movement while on stage. The event hire company should help you choose the best option for your wedding. If you have a lot of guests attending, consider having screens to ensure those seated at the back can follow the ceremony with ease.


Evening and indoor parties must have sufficient lighting. And the lighting should complement the wedding theme. Ask the wedding hire company about lighting options such as lanterns, candles, chandeliers, coloured bulbs, twinkling lights and suspended lights. Other lighting ideas include backdrops, uplighting, and pin-spot lighting. Do not forget fireworks and sparklers to highlight moments such as the cake cutting and the exchange of vows.

DJ and performing artists

A party with no music is a dull party. You can opt to hire a DJ to keep your guests entertained. Most wedding hire companies have their DJ, but you can hire a celebrity DJ on your wedding day. You may also choose to have a performing band or artist to entertain your guests at the reception or evening party. Your choice of DJ or artist should be someone with a good reputation and positive image. The selection of music played at the wedding party should be in line with the day's agenda. Observe caution when hiring celebrity DJs and artists, as they may steal all the attention since guests are excited to meet them.  


Drinks help to lighten the party's atmosphere, as they get guests in the party mood. Ask the event hire company to prepare a bar at the reception or evening party. Serve guests with unique cocktails, beer, whiskey, vodka and rum. The drinks must be served with moderation to prevent incidences of drunk guests who might disrupt the party. 

Finally, be mindful of the wedding budget as you choose your entertainment package.

Entertainment options for weddings include sound equipment, lighting, performing artists and bars. Contact a wedding hire company for more information.